Thursday, July 16, 2015

Me? Dairy Free?

My little bud was a crier. Thankfully, after the first month or so he became a pretty decent sleeper, once he'd actually get to sleep that is. Sometimes that would take a while.

He started getting increasingly fussy in the evenings. Often he would start around dinner time and keep going until he fell asleep for the night.

Then, at about two months old, we noticed these screaming fits after almost every feeding. We also noticed you could feel and hear bubbles moving around in his tummy.

I talked to his doctor about possible causes of his gas and discomfort. She listed some of the most common sensitivities babies have.

"Broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, other spices, milk..." she told me.

"Basically all my favorite foods." I responded, more than a little disappointed.

But his cries got to me. I just hated seeing my baby hurting. I decided to try experimenting with changes to my diet.

First I cut out garlic, broccoli, and other things that I noticed seemed to affect him right away. It helped, but he still seemed fussy and just plain uncomfortable on a regular basis. I knew the cause either wasn't in my diet or was something I ate all the time.

I had a hunch about what it might be. I stayed in denial about it a little while longer, debating with myself whether or not it'd be worth it. Then I decided to experiment to be sure.

I got my answer.

The answer I was dreading.

It's dairy.

I'm pretty sure. After one week dairy free he was showing some great improvement. Then to be sure it was my changes that we're helping, I did a dairy day. I ate the foods I'd been missing most. Cheesy pizza and a big milkshake.

It didn't take long for confirmation. The bubbles, the tears, and massive amounts of spit up came later that night.

This is terrible news because I LOVE dairy. Every meal should include butter, cheese, and/or ice cream. So there will be lots of experimenting coming up.

What this means for you, dear reader, is some fun dairy free recipe experiments.

Stay tuned.


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