Monday, April 22, 2013

Plagiocephaly: What to expect when getting a helmet

I was really nervous going into the orthotics office to get a helmet. I was really didn't know how the whole process would work. I didn't know if it would be uncomfortable or even painful for her. I looked around, but didn't find much solid information about what to expect.

It seems like people only put stories out there if they are 'worth telling'. The ones that are interesting, where something goes wrong or something unexpected happens. If things go by the book, people don't really write about it.

So there I was, more nervous than my little one, having read only horror stories about the process. I expected the worst. I felt like a scumbag mommy playing with my little one in the waiting room when I knew what awaited her. They called us back. And then... Things went smoothly. The doctor was competent and my little one handled it all like a champ. The process was really was fairly straight forward and really interesting and we now have a custom helmet that I am thrilled with.

The whole process took 3 short appointments that I will discuss in more detail in the next few posts.

This is the first in a short series of posts about what to expect when getting a helmet. Here's links to the full series.

What to expect when getting a helmet
Appointment #1: Measuring
Appointment #2: Fitting
Appointment #3: Fine tuning


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