Monday, April 1, 2013

DIY Drawer Dividers

I've said before that I don’t need more kitchen gadgets. Part of the reason for that is that our kitchen is super tiny. The other reason is that we already have a ton. My husband and I both had a collection when we moved in and it’s only grown since then.

A little at a time I've been working on weeding out duplicates and items we don’t need, but even more I've been working on organizing what we have. My latest project was organizing our silverware drawer. It’s been used as a catchall for all the other little gadgets that we don’t know what to do with and it was getting a bit out of hand.

I tried thinking of different solutions. For a while we had all these things in a container on the counter like the taller utensils. That didn't work because 
1) sharp objects kept getting put into the container
2) the container kept getting top heavy
3) our counter top space is even more limited than our drawer space.
I started looking around for wasted space and I noticed that, while the front of the drawer was full to the top, the back of the drawer had extra vertical space. So I set to work making that space useful.

I originally wanted to do a drawer within a drawer organizer like this one on the DIY Network website.
But my lack of material, tools, and funds along with my desire to have the project done a year ago as soon as possible led me to develop this $0 DIY version.

Materials and Supplies:
- Empty Cereal Boxes
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Marker

Step 1: Measure the width of the inside of the drawer.
Step 2: Use that measurement to cut off the top of the cereal boxes. When you are done each cereal box should be as tall as the drawer is wide and you should be able to lay it sideways in the drawer like this:

Step 3: Measure the amount of vertical space you want to use. 
If this is the only organizer in the drawer: measure the depth of the drawer.
If you want to stack this organizer with a silverware organizer: measure from the top of the silverware organizer to the top of the drawer.

Step 4: Use that measurement (marked with red arrows) to determine where to cut up the sides of the cereal box (marked with red line).

Step 5: Insert custom size cereal box trays into the drawer and organize. Put less often used or more dangerous objects towards the back and more frequently used objects towards the front.
Step 6 (optional): Replace silverware organizer on top. And you are finished.



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