Sunday, July 7, 2013

Plagiocephaly Appointment #3: Fine Tuning

This is the fourth in a short series of posts about what to expect when getting a helmet. Here's links to the full series.
What to expect when getting a helmet
Appointment #1: Measuring
Appointment #2: Fitting
Appointment #3: Fine tuning
At the last appointment we were given the brand new helmet with instructions to ease her into wearing it. We were also given instructions to look out for spots where the helmet was tight or rubbing. We would recognize these spots because they would leave red marks on her head. Each time we took the helmet off, especially for the first week, we were supposed to check for red spots and keep track of how long it took them to fade away.

If any spots were not fading away within the hour her helmet was off or were becoming raw or irritated we were supposed to leave the helmet off and schedule an adjustment as soon as possible. That didn't happen for us. There were some spots that were red each time, but they were all mild enough that we could wait until the next appointment.

After she had been in the helmet about a week we had our fine tuning follow up appointment.

This appointment was very straight forward. The doctor asked us how we were doing, if we'd noticed any reoccurring red spots, and if we had any other concerns.

Then he examined her head. I pointed out where she had been getting red each time.

What happened next was the funny part. He got out a stocking and put it over her head like at the measuring appointment. Then instead of pulling out the reflective stickers he pulled out a tube of lipstick!

He smeared a bit of lipstick on her head where the helmet was rubbing and replaced the helmet. After wiggling the helmet around a bit he took it back off and showed me the inside. There were lipstick marks in the helmet showing exactly where it was rubbing her head. That made it easy for him to go shave those spots down to give her more space there.

That was it. The helmet was custom made and fitted just for her. Since then our appointments have been very simple. Once a month we visit. He takes her measurements and compares them against the previous measurements so we can see what progress she's made. He asks if we've been having any problems, checks for redness, and sometimes makes small adjustments.

She still is annoyed when we hold her still to get the helmet on or off. Sometimes she cries then. When we take it off she spends lots of time touching her head. It's a strange sensation to her. Other than that she doesn't mind wearing it at all.

Here's wishing as smooth and enjoyable experience for other helmet parents.


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