Friday, July 19, 2013

Well Begun is Half Done Otherwise Entitled Let's Tidy Up The Nursery

10 and a half imaginary internet points to whoever can get the quote in the post title.

If y'all have been with me a while (like my mom or Jaci or Amy) you might remember this post form the past. So It Has Come to This (Nursery Disaster) 

Long and short of it, the crib was in my room and the baby's room became a dumping ground. A really bad one. Like you couldn't even see most of the floor. Like there is no way I would want my little one in there ever. Here's a picture to refresh your memories.

It hurts me to look at that. Anyways, you may have remembered that I had a goal to get that room safer and have her sleeping in there by the time we got back from our trip. And I realized the other day that I haven't updated on that.

Funny story, I actually realized that because of a glitch in an app. I was chatting (I thought) with my husband. I asked where the cleaning spray had wound up since he was the last to use it. He responded that he didn't know, but maybe in the baby's room because it was a dumping ground.

I went on to scold him because the room was no longer a dumping ground because I un-dumping-grounded it and that it needed to stay baby safe.

Then I turned off the screen and went to pack the diaper bag. When I returned to the iPad the name and picture on the chat had changed and I realized I'd been chatting with Amy the whole time! She thought I was teasing saying she was the last one to use it and played along through the whole scolding. (Also the cleaner turned up in the kitchen not the baby's room, so she was safe.)

That's when I realized that I hadn't posted un-dumping-grounded photos yet.  It's time to fix that situation. I'll have you know I reached my goal and before we even left on our trip she was sleeping in her own room!

I still consider this to be a Work in Progress because I have some more cute decorating ideas, but it is 57 million times better than it was. And here's the proof!


So the nursery disaster has been Averted! The little one sleeps in there and she sleeps well. I (of course) had more trouble with the transition than she did.

In another post I'll explain how I managed to declutter.

Stay tuned!


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