Thursday, April 11, 2013

So It Has Come to This (Nursery Disaster)

My nursery has become a huge dumping ground. 

My little one outgrew her bassinet before I was ready to have her in her own room. So her crib moved into our room in the only spot it would fit...the closet. That crib takes up the entire closet. It's not a walk in. With both sliding doors removed from the closet, the crib just fits in the doorway and sticks out into the room only a couple inches.

So everything that was on the floor of the closet had to be moved out.

The desk that was in our room had to be moved out.

Everything that was hanging over the crib had to be moved out.

Everything that was on the shelves above the crib had to be moved out.

We live in a small 2-bedroom apartment so all that stuff went into the only unoccupied space: the baby's room. 

There's a funny thing about places full of random things...the random things multiply! Soon we didn't just have a desk and some craft supplies where the crib used to be. We also had a beanbag chair, all the extra linens, a broken computer, 2 baby bathtubs, a fan, towels, broken down boxes, a towel warmer, old suitcases, bulk orders of diapers and wipes, a sewing machine, a broken computer, extra home decor items...
Here's a shot from my baby photography experiment (DIY Baby Photography: Part 1 and 5 Tips for DIY Baby Photography). And this isn't even as bad as it got... Needless to say, that room is not baby safe anymore. There are many things I don't want her getting into, both for her safety and for the safety of my other treasures.

She's 5 months old now and I am feeling more at peace with the idea of her sleeping all the way across the hall (gasp), but I am not okay with her sleeping in that room the way it is. Nuh uh.

We are leaving to visit family on the 23rd. I have a goal to have her room ready before I go. She'll sleep in there as soon as we get back.

It is time for a massive Nursery Makeover! Stay tuned for updates.


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