Monday, March 25, 2013

Foaming Hand Soap Refill DIY

You will need:
- 3 tablespoons Liquid Dish Soap
- 2/3 cup Warm Water
- Empty foaming soap dispenser

If your soap dispenser is a little gummy, wash it with warm water. Fill with warm water and pump a few times to clean the inner parts.

Pour the dish soap into the dispenser. It may be easier with a funnel. I used Palmolive Pure + Clean, because that is what I had on hand.

Add the warm water slowly. Then stir gently until soap is dissolved in water. I used a chopstick to stir. You can do this by swirling the bottle. Don't shake.

Replace the lid and pump a few times until soap comes out foamy.

I'm told that you can use liquid hand soap, shampoo, shower gel, or pretty much any liquid soap to get the same results. I haven't tried all of those yet. I have tried a creamy hand soap and that was a mistake. I love creamy soaps for using straight, but not for foam. It probably works well enough, but it produced a slimy feeling foam. Since texture is a big reason I like the foam, that just didn't cut it.

Cost will vary based on what base soap you use. Right now you can get 50 ounces of the soap I used on Amazon for $7. In my calculations are right, you should be able to get about 33 refills from that which comes out to about 21 cents a refill! The best deal I've found for premade refills is about $1.00 a bottle.



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