Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Texture Quilt Sneak Peak 1

I noticed all the different textures on baby toys and had the idea to make my little on a quilt that would have many different textures of fabric. Minky dot, furry, silky, ribbed, etc. However those fabrics are a little more expensive and put the project a bit out of my price range. So I left the idea in the back of my mind.

Then my little one came along. The first object my little one ever wanted to grab and touch was her burp cloth. After that, a seat belt. After that, her blankets. Then my clothes. Then stuffed animals. For about a month she loved anything fabric, but would completely ignore any plastic toys I offered her. Different textures in my clothes especially seemed to fascinate her. Even still, at 4 months old, she'll play with softer plastic toys, but mostly ignores hard ones and loves anything fabric.

That brought the idea back and I went searching for ways to make the project more affordable. Eventually I had a stroke of luck and stumbled on the post Textured quilt sampler free project on the site Sewn Up byTeresaDownUnder. TeresaDownUnder described the project as “a sampler quilt that explores texture in fabric”. 
One photo of the textures from TeresaDownUnder's Tutorial

There are 25 different texture tutorials to choose from. I could make many textures out of normal cotton quilting fabric. This drastically cut the cost of the project, and made it so I could be more picky about which pre-textured fabrics I did buy.

Each of the textured blocks in TeresaDownUnder's tutorials came out to make a 5" square. As I was looking around for quilt inspiration I found this very simple Whimsy: Charm Pack Baby Quilt tutorial on sew4home. I loved that a border would separate each texture. I decided to use this tutorial as a base for my quilt.


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