Friday, March 15, 2013

$7 DIY Sofa Table

Our living room furniture was a gift from my in-laws. They were downsizing around the time of our wedding. They had an extra couch, chair, and coffee table that they passed on to us. This was a huge blessing. Otherwise we might have been sitting on buckets for a few months until we saved up for some Ikea furniture. What's more, the furniture they gave us is high quality. It will last for years to come. There is only one downside. This furniture was not designed for a small apartment. Our living room is very small. Our living room furniture is not very small.

After trying many arrangements we've finally (almost 2 years later) found an arrangement that really works with the flow of the room and doesn't block the air conditioner. The only problem is that the coffee table is nowhere near the couch. It isn't a huge deal, but I really wanted somewhere to put a reading lamp, for guests to put their drinks down without worrying about them getting kicked, and what not.

I decided a shelf or table behind the couch was the best option to keep the layout of the room. It had to be wide enough for a cup, but not much wider because we are short on space. In the end we decided on a table because it could be easily moved and didn't put extra holes in the wall.


1 2x4 7' long (or the length of your couch)
3 2x4s 29" long (or the height you want the table minus 1.5 inches)

4 2"x5/8" corner braces
4 3/4"x1/2" corner braces
20 screws appropriately sized to the corner braces (often these will come in the packs with the corner braces.


Use the larger corner braces to attach the two end supports onto either end of the table top (locations marked with red arrows). 

Use the 4 smaller corner braces to attach the middle support to the bottom middle of the table top (locations marked with green arrows). Stagger the 4 braces on the center support to avoid having the screws running into each other.

4 L Brackets: $1.00
4 L Brackets: $0.50
2 2x4x8': $5.24
Wood Cuts: Free at most major hardware stores

Total : $6.74 (before tax)

On it's own it is a bit wobbly. But when it is between the couch and the wall it is very sturdy. I've pushed on it and it doesn't wiggle at all.

From the front you can hardly tell it is there.

Fulfilling it's primary function perfectly.

Future Plans

This table is already in place in my living room and completely functional. I labeled it as a work in progress because it is still a bit ugly. I have a few ideas on how to stain or paint it to make it look really cool, but until I decide which idea to go with it will remain as raw wood. Comment with any suggestions.


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